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Steel forged in fire

Tempered by moonlight

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Name:Swimming in the sky
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affirmations, angels, anti-capitalism, anxiety, arts and crafts, astronomy, avebury, beachcombing, beauty, being a hermit, body positive, books, buddhism, buy nothing year, car free, castles, childfree by choice, classic rock, classical music, community, compassion, creativity, critical thinking, crystals, cultural creatives, divination, dream interpretation, dreams, earth angels, editing, environment, fairies, fairy tales, flame keeping, folklore, friendship, frugal cooking, frugal living, gentleness, glastonbury, gluten free, goddesses, gods, good food, green living, growing things, handmade cosmetics, healing, health, herbal remedies, hollow hills, holy wells, home cooking, honesty, humour, indigos, infj, inner worlds, introverted, journalling, laughter, learning new things, less is more, libraries, living history, local food, local history, louise hay, love, make do and mend, making cupcakes, making icons, marriage, meditation, mental health, mermaids, mindfulness, nanowrimo, natural living, natural remedies, nature, no tv, non attachment, non violence, novelling, old books, open mindedness, oracle cards, otherworld, pacifism, paganism, paranormal, philosophy, photomanipulation, playing with words, poetry, positive thinking, practicality, protecting nature, psychic, psychopomps, quakers, quiet time, random acts of kindness, reading, reiki, ritual, sacred sites, sci fi, seasons, self esteem, self knowledge, self work, sensitivity, sewing, shamanism, silence, simple living, spirit companions, spirits, spoons theory, star children, stately homes, staying grounded, stonehenge, synchronicity, taking photographs, tarot, the beach, the otherworld, the sea, thrifting, tolerance, tree hugging, trees, trying new things, ufos, upg, vegan, walks in the rain, walks outside, wicca, witchcraft, words, world cultures, world religions, writing, writing prompts, zen
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